Driven by passion, it was as if it was inevitable that my love for both photography and property would merge to not only create a business, but a way of living. Not just surviving the nine-to-five but truely loving what I do. And so, Captured Space was born, a photography business dedicated to capturing the story of spaces in which we live, work and invest.


Working with shadows, texture and directional light I am proud of my unique style that produces a more natural, less flashy outcome. Composing is done through the eyes of a property investor, highlighting what brings value and uniqueness to a property, but not compromising what makes a beautiful photo. My goal is to produce photos that will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

For those looking for something a little extra, my more natural approach coupled with advanced editing techniques results in spectacular portfolio styled photography. Drawing the viewers eyes through a picture to focus on key design elements to bring a depth and feel that architects intentionally create, producing a sense of actually being there. The removal of switches, blemishes, distortion and colour shift will leave you with seamless, publish-ready photos.